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Macrobiotic World aims to unite people around the globe, who practice or are interested in macrobiotics, under one umbrella of common purpose and help them lead a healthy, fulfilling life. We envision this site as a place of free flowing ideas, thoughts as well as a place for sharing our experiences and knowledge to live a more fullfilling live through our daily macrobiotic practice.

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Hara Hachi Bu- The practice of deliberately moderating the amount of food you consume has numerous health benefits.
Healthy Eating


Have you heard the word before? What does it mean? Where did it come from? The presentation, embedded in this post, introduces the ancient origins of macrobiotics, gives a basic overview of macrobiotic/health and diet references throughout history, and finally introduces the works of George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi, including their influence on modern medicine and world peace.
Healthy Living


Wouldn't it be fantastic if doctors could heal patients with food and nutrition and common sense approach to life in addition to conventional medicine? Bill Tara brings up important points about the way doctors approach food within the context of healing. According to most doctors, food, is inconsequential when it comes to our physical,mental and surely emotional well-being. How can we help to educate medical community at large? What are your thoughts? Please share.
Healthy Living


Food is our nourishment and is necessary for life, but it is also much more. This is a brief history of our food and food system that helps shed some light on why we find ourselves in the agricultural, social, environmental, and economic predicament we are in today.
Healthy Planet


Ever feel like there are too many choices these days. How is anyone supposed to make sense of it all? How would you know, for example, that macrobiotics could be THE thing for you? Or for anyone? I am a very logical person (most of the time, anyway) and I chose the macrobiotic path because it simply makes sense.
Healthy Living


What would a talk on kitchen management be without touching on what to cook? Well, the last part of Sheldon's fantastic series is all about that. He doesn't go into depth because there's just no way to harness all the macrobiotic knowledge into one article and would take away from your discovery journey. Nonetheless, he shares so great tips for breakfast and offers some general guidance for lunch and dinner.
Healthy Eating


Macrobiotic World's vision is to become a central information resource and meeting spot for all macrobiotic people around the world. There is something for everyone here – Cookbook of recipes, Blog on various topics, Directory of macrobiotic professionals and other businesses. Browse around to learn about the various features but in the end please make sure to register as member - it's FREE.
Let's build the largest, most open macrobiotic community in the world! There are so many fantastic macro folks out there but without the power of Internet, we may never have a chance to hear about them. MW's goal is to make it super simple to connect with like-minded people and engage in a powerful conversation about healthy living. When you sign up for the free membership, you'll be able to do all these wonderful activities...
Our world is complex, no doubt about that, plus there's so much to learn and be aware of. Let's help each other to sort through what really matters. Health is our most important possession, so they say. Therefore the MW blog focuses on these areas: Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, Healthy Planet, Healthy Kids. Got something to say? Fantastic - submit a blog article.
The Macrobiotic World Cookbook is aspiring to become your go-to resource for every-day macrobiotic recipes as well as those for the special occasion. Your guests will be wowed with your culinary artistry... Well, this is your little secret we won't give away to them... so go on and search for the perfect recipe. And in the macro community spirit, please do share your favorite recipes with others. Click here to submit a new recipe.
There are so many awesome macro professionals and companies around the world, yet how many times have you been scratching your head trying to find someone with a specific expertise? Well, the MW directory is bound to find a cure for this problem. Please take it for a spin and make sure to submit a new listing if you can't find your favorite counselor, chef, shop, restaurant... you name it.

What is Macrobiotics

Macrobiotics is practiced in many ways - see a few definitions below or view them all here.

Macrobiotics means great life. This can be defined as an understanding and appreciation of life and all that exists within it. Macrobiotics is the blossoming into our full human potential based on what we choose to eat, think, live and feel.
Sharlene Belusevic
Macrobiotics strives to create and maintain harmony and balance among the various aspects of life, including our body, mind, spirit, and environment.
Pavel Dolezel
A dietary regimen which involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other foodstuffs such as local vegetables avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods and most animal products.
Pavel Dolezel
Macrobiotics embraces all the various realms that influence our health, freedom and happiness; from dietary, physical, emotional, to intellectual, creative and spiritual and transforms the mundane into the magnificent
Macrobiotics describes a holistic approach to life that explores the health of our body, mind and heart. The macrobiotic approach includes food, meditation, exercise, healing, eating habits, connecting to nature, self awareness and cooking.
Simon Brown
Macrobiotics uses the art of energetics to turn Challenge into opportunity!
Kristiane Ravn Frost
With a love for life our education in the art of living empowers individual and planetary health.
Kristiane Ravn Frost
Macrobiotics is a set of philosophical principles used by an individual to realize his or her highest potential of physical health, emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual fulfillment.
Carl Ferre
A program incorporating elements from several ancient cultures and emphasizing harmony with nature, especially through adherence to a diet consisting primarily of whole grains, beans, vegetables, and moderate amounts of seafood and fruit.
Pavel Dolezel
The theory of promoting health and longevity by means of diet (especially whole beans and grains)
Pavel Dolezel

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