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The first idea

Ko Pha-ngan is an island in Thailand, where live people from all over the planet studying joga, massage and east philosophies and technics. We have been inspired from this multicultural gathering and we decided to collect all the precious knowledge from different cultures, traditions and philosophies from all over the world, from the East and the West, focusing on the holistic therapies and we created our first shop, the first of its kind in the island and in the whole Thailand. In our kitchen we gather and use spices, herbs, grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, legumes, roots, mushrooms in their most natural and organic form. The simplicity and variety of freshly cooked foods offered daily a "La Carte, Set Dishes and occasional buffet, absolutely unique in the whole Asia.We approach the kitchen everyday since so many years with the same enthusiasm and care.


“We search therapies, relaxing technics and balance through food, which were used in different civilizations in the past, such as native Indian, Indian, Chinese, South East Asian, Arab, Ancient Greek. Creating our shop, the MACROBIOTIC WORLD, we aim to get an access and have the chance to become familiar to as many products as we can find in order to provide a better weltheness of the body, ours and yours, by feeding it good and by taking good external care of it as well, in a sophisticated way, that includes raw and macrobiotic kitchen, cooking vegan and offering diet with omega 3-6-9, in order to renew the cells of the body, internal and external, juices, tea, oil, essential oil, oil for massage and balanced skin. All prepared and cooked in clay and stainless pots, in gentle heat so as to preserve the taste and its nutritional qualities", Kostas Douridas, creator and owner of Macrobioticworld.


Four years later, having the same philosophy and also having known new products and aiming to exchange knowledge on macrobiotic diet, raw, probiotic, adventic we settled in another island, Ko Sa-mui. In 2014 we moved to Phuket, where we are remaining until today, providing our knowledge in the creation of the above products and even more, by establishing a school, where macrobiotic, raw, probiotic, vegan diet are taught and also the art of producing oils and scrubs for the rejuvenation and care of face and body. We also provide rooms for yoga, tai-chi etc. seminars, as well as a dry sauna..