Get your daily amount of Essential Fats that your body does not produce on its own.
From this premium quality personal cold press machine do your fresh oil from organic seeds and provide your body the best fresh good Omega it needs, in a balanced ratio.

Multifunctional home oil press machine ror peanuts, coconut, olives, sesame, soybean, macadamia, nuts, seeds and so on
The motor is a industry motor that it can continue working for more than 5 hours. We suggest it works for 5 hours and then take a break for an hour.
Technical parameters: capacity 3-6kg/hr, voltage 220v, motor power 400w, net weight 11,5 kg, machine dimension 470*240*190mm
Oil extracting rate is up to 45% which depends on the oil seed. The machine is also easy to operate, clean and move.